The World is Quiet Here

Growing up, one of my favorite book series' was the Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket.
Daniel Handler, masquerading under the pen name character of Lemony Snicket, had a unique way of turning a phrase, and I still find him quirkily quotable. The love of books and reading features in all of his books, and a common phrase that often pops up throughout the narrative is featured here in the title of my blog, "The World is Quiet Here." Some say that this phrase was taken and reworked from the first line of a poem by Algernon Charles Swineburne titled "The Garden of Prosperine" (link to Bartleby) which goes "Here, where the world is quiet." Literary speculation aside, the line came to mind as I searched for a title for this blog because it speaks to one of the many things I love about libraries. In a loud world, I love to come to the library for the silence that the stacks provide. When finally, the ears adjust to not hearing anything but the hum of air conditioning and fluorescent lights, that's when the mind can be heard. When the mind is finally heard, then the mental sorting and filing can begin. Problems can be worked out in the peace afforded by the quiet space. Quiet space. Quiet mind. Quiet soul. The world is quiet here.

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