Friday, April 26, 2013

We're getting close!

Summer is approaching rapidly! I have two weeks left of my internship, two more staff meetings, two more Tuesday mornings spent at the desk, reading Library Journal and scanning books. As usual for the end of the semester, its becoming harder to concentrate on everything. My attention span is that of a gnat. I'm trying hard to finish strong, and do the best I can to put a good effort into the tasks I have left, both here in the library and in my other classes. I'm about to wrap up another section of the Policy Manual, and hopefully squeeze at least one more in before the semester ends. Then, I'll have an essay reflection over the entire internship. Its all do-able.
This week, the library has hosted a series of Money Smart Week events, with talks on couponing, paying for college, and paying off student loans. I've been the designated picture-taker for these events, not much, but its been fun. Not much else to be said here, as my creative juices have been completely drained this week, so I'll bid you Adieu from the stacks.

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