Friday, February 15, 2013


My dear readers,
Sadly I have nothing profoundly thoughtful, or beautifully romantic to write about today...
(Here you say: "what is she talking about? Girl must be smelling too many books and have her head in a cloud of dust to think that highly of herself and her writing." 
To which I respond: "One can only dream!"
"Aye, that's the problem," you mutter to yourself as you take a sip of your coffee and wonder when the word "aye" slipped into your vocabulary. 
But enough with the imaginary dialogue.)

...Nothing profound or beautiful, but yet life is sometimes plain and simple and intriguing in its ordinariness.

One thing that I have recently found extremely interesting is the concept of compact shelving. I was up at Covenant College yesterday (yes, I know, enemy territory) helping a friend hang fliers for her senior film project casting call, and we hit up their library. Its a bit smaller than our library here, with not nearly as much natural lighting, which would drive me crazy if I needed to be in there a lot. The decor was mostly in greys, which I personally believe libraries should avoid, as it makes them seem colder and less welcoming. (They also didn't have glorious brown overstuffed couches and armchairs like we do.)

In other words, I didn't find it attractive aesthetically, (buts that's probably a topic I should save for another post) but there was one feature that I was fascinated by, namely, the presence of cranks on the end of the stacks which were all set into tracks in the floor, allowing for the stacks to be moved back and forth along the tracks for easy access. I'm guessing that you could probably double your storage space with compact mobile shelving.
 I don't think I had ever seen something like that before, so today, I've been researching all sorts of storage solutions for libraries. I found one document that gives all sorts of wonderful information on different types of storage for libraries, including recommended shelf heights based on your different collection groups.  Here at Bryan we have what looks like closed base cantilever shelving (of a very ordinary putty color) with top-tie struts and wood laminate decorative ends.

Pretty cool stuff, huh?

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