Friday, February 8, 2013

Kids Stuff

One drawback to being a Liberal Arts major is the fact that at the undergraduate level, I don't have any major specific classes--those classes that actually give me a taste of what I might be able to do with my degree. I have to wait till my graduate work to actually get to the classes that specialize in my field. However, this semester has turned out to be a great one for me as far as classes that I enjoy, and actually pertain to my career field. Not only have I been happily installed as intern in the college library, but I also have been enjoying a class in Children's Literature. I would love to specialize in Children's and Youth services in a public library someday. Libraries in general are my passion, but I have a soft spot in my heart for kids and reading. I would probably attribute that to my large-homeschool-family origins as well as the fond memories I have of libraries and those favorite librarians that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago.

The focus of the class is mostly on teaching literature to kids--the class is made up almost entirely of Education majors--but I think that as we continue on, I will find it useful towards areas like making good choices when selecting new titles for a children's collection, being able to recommend books to families and individual kids, and leading storytime events.

This is a topic that I'll most likely return to in the upcoming weeks, as I have some thoughts that I'm still mulling over in regards to what makes "good" children's literature and other things. But meanwhile, in the area of chronicling random activities from the intern's mundane life, I've switched my shelf reading domain from the respectable 800s--where almost every book is sturdy and old and of one general size--to the Juvenile Fiction section in the curriculum lab. There, everything is of odd sizes and bright colors and never seems to stay straight--much like my four-year-old sister's wardrobe.

After trying, with much frustration, to find books for my Children's Lit homework, I deemed that the slight loss of sanity that is sure to come with the task is worth knowing that my classmates and I will be able to locate what we need when we need it. So far, the going is slow, as might be expected, but I'm just thankful that everything is neatly classified in Dewey Decimal  instead of alphabetical by author's last name. With alphabetical, there's always the sticky business of then putting titles by the same author in order (if your library procedures prescribe that) and there's nothing that screams "Nut-case" louder than a grown woman in an oversized sweater sitting cross-legged on the floor, singing the alphabet under her breath while thumbing through two foot long collection of  The Berenstain Bears. But thanks to good old Melvil Dewey, that crazy woman will not be me this semester.

Until next friday, I bid you adieu from the stacks.

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