Friday, January 18, 2013

New Experiences and Grand Ventures

Here I sit tucked away in library carrel, by the 800s for good luck (hoping the inspiration of the greats will rub off on me like pixie dust) and begin the first library blog entry on the first day of my first internship ever! I'm really excited about what this semester holds for me. Wednesday was the first day of school and I walked over to the library after my last class of the day to receive my marching orders. Dr. Fitsimmons, the director of library services here, presented me with a thumb drive with all the documents I will need for this semester, and I immediately went off to read them.
I found that I have a lot ahead of me this semester, and I would be lying if I were to say that I wasn't a little nervous about it all. But I know that in a week or so this will all be familiar and I'm gonna love it. My current library experience extends as far as a page who knew her little log cabin library like the back of her hand, and was sometimes allowed to work the desk. Here, I'll be learning the nitty-gritties, the policy and procedure writing, the paperwork, as well as honing my shelf-reading and barcode scanning skills.
I plan to take each day one step at a time, keeping my head high, mind open and appetite for learning sharpened. I think Fridays will be my blogging days, so check back with me as the weeks go along and I'll continue to share my thoughts from the library!

By the way. I heard the word "carrel" as in "a table that is often partitioned or enclosed and is used for individual study especially in a library" for the first time only within the last year. This proves that one is always learning!